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High blood pressure affects millions of men and women, and it’s a leading cause of heart disease and other serious medical issues. At PCMC our Las Vegas Medical Clinic we help men and women from throughout Las Vegas Valley manage blood pressure with customized treatment programs tailored to their needs

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The Know About Treating Hypertension in Las Vegas

Patient First Wellness Center is one of the best medical facilities in Las Vegas, NV offering many discount medical services including diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions and laboratory […]

Three Step Treatment Approach to Hypertension

Patient First Wellness Center is one of the best medical clinics in Las Vegas, NV. They offer many discount medical services, including diagnosis, treatment, laboratory blood […]

Is There a Relationship Between Perspiration and Hypertension?

There has been some association between sweating and high blood pressure, but at the moment, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove that excessive sweating […]

Does Anxiety Lead to High Blood Pressure?

The relationship between anxiety and high blood pressure is an interesting one. While anxiety has not been proven to cause high blood pressure directly, it can […]

Are Headaches a Sign of High Blood Pressure?

For many years, worsening or chronic headaches have been associated with high blood pressure. And for the disease dubbed as the “silent” killer, headaches have been […]

Is There A Relationship Between Diabetes and Hypertension?

Two in three diabetics have high blood pressure, but it can be easy to manage if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Diabetics should aim for a […]

What Role Does Alcohol Play in High Blood Pressure?

Having “too much” alcohol can increase your blood pressure, and it can be more severe if you already suffer from hypertension. Drinking more than three units […]

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Linked to Colon Cancer Recurrence

It has long been known that a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and colon cancer is a dangerous mix, but a new study has assessed […]

New Study Shows Beetroot Juice Effective At Lowering Blood Pressure

According to the results of an Australian study conducted by the Baker ID Heart and Diabetes Institute, beetroot juice could play an important role at managing […]

Blood Pressure Medication Success Tied To Weight

The findings of a new study have revealed that weight is a crucial factor when it comes to prescribing medication to manage blood pressure. It is […]

Is High Blood Pressure the Biggest Stroke Risk Factor

High blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for having a stroke, or “brain attack” as it is sometimes referred to. High blood pressure is also […]

How Does Hypertension Increase Your Chances of Developing CHD?

High blood pressure is one of the risk factors for developing CHD or coronary heart disease. Having one or more risk factors means you have a […]

What Is Isolated Systolic Hypertension

Isolated systolic hypertension is a condition that affects as many as two thirds of people over the age of 60. With this condition, only the systolic […]

How Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is usually treated with a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. Most people who suffer from high blood pressure need to stay on […]

What Are The Health Benefits of Lowering Your Salt Intake?

Excess sodium intake is known to elevate blood pressure and can put you at higher risk of having a stroke and heart attack. Simply cutting out […]

The Benefits of Monitoring Your Blood Pressure At Home

With 50-million people believed to be living with hypertension, and a third of them going undiagnosed, the advent of blood pressure monitoring at home gives people […]

What Is Gestational Hypertension and How Is It Connected To Preeclampsia?

Some women who have high blood pressure during their pregnancy can go on to deliver healthy babies and labor without complication, but in many cases, hypertension […]

How Your Hypertension Can Affect Your Efforts at Testosterone Replacement

High blood pressure has acquired a notorious reputation as a silent killer, putting sufferers at risk of stroke, heart disease and leg pain while walking, but […]

Effective Treatments for High Blood Pressure in Las Vegas

High blood pressure can be a potentially life-threatening chronic disease, and if you are diagnosed with it, there’s a big chance you will need to take […]

What Are The Risk Factors For Hypertension?

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is an important part of looking after your heart health. Your weight and fitness levels, family history of hypertension and your […]

The Importance Of Keeping Your Blood Pressure Normal

Blood pressure is the force of blood, pumped by the heart, against the walls of blood vessels as it moves through the body. The majority of […]

The Importance of Taking an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

With high blood pressure rates skyrocketing and the majority of people finding themselves under work and financial stress, the importance of taking accurate tests has never […]

The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is diagnosed when the blood pressure within the body is elevated to levels that are above normal. When this happens, the […]

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