We provide 8 main services.

Doctor Visit

Everything starts here.
When you aren’t feeling well you see the Doctor.
When you need a prescription refill you see the Doctor.
When you have a question you ask the Licensed Practitioner ….. I mean Doctor.
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Wellness Checkups & Physicals

It is advised that adults over 30 get yearly checkups. Checking your vitals and getting a metabolic profile for school, work or to check for signs of healthy aging is Doctor recommended.
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Blood Testing

We offer a full range of metabolic blood testing at some of the lowest costs in Las Vegas. From Diabetes to Hormone Levels to Low T to STD tests.
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Prescription Refills

Keep your levels stable by taking your Doctors recommended prescriptions at the recommended times. Whether it’s high blood pressure medication, anxiety medication, thyroid medication or a depression regimen. Don’t run out. Visit our LasVegas Doctors for refills.
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Here at Patient’s Choice Medical Center we want you to be your best self. We offer a multi-layered Medical Weightloss Program that targets appetite, diet, exercise and energy all at the same time to get you results.
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Testosterone Treatment

Patient’s Choice Medical Center has partnered up with to offer men affected by weight gain, changes in sexual drive, low energy and sperm production a low cost testosterone replacement therapy.
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Our Botox treatment is performed by a Doctor here in Las Vegas to relax your forehead muscles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.
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Diagnostic Imaging

In need of low cost comprehensive medical imaging or a referral for one. PCMC offers low out of pocket CT Scans, Fluoroscopy, Mammogram, MRI, Radiology, Ultrasound or X-Rays even with no insurance.
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