Can Genetics Cause Thyroid Problems

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Thyroid Conditions | 0 comments

Thyroid disease can be caused by a number of factors, but there are three different ways that genetics can influence whether you have a thyroid problem or not. Thyroid problems are more prevalent in women than men and are especially sensitive to hormone levels. If your thyroid problem was congenital, you are likely to need thyroid hormone replacement for the rest of your life to maintain balance in your body. Las Vegas medical clinics can provide you with medication and professional advice to manage your thyroid in the best way possible.

Sometimes, babies are born with hypothyroidism. This condition is called congenital hypothyroidism and can be caused by insufficient production of thyroid hormone or by a broken or damaged thyroid gland. There are a number of DNA changes that can contribute to this happening. The genes need to work collaboratively to make a thyroid gland, and if something goes wrong, the gland will not work properly.

Not having the correct number of chromosomes is another way that hypothyroidism can be caused genetically. People with Downs Syndrome have an extra chromosome, and women with Turners syndrome do not have an x chromosome.

The third way to develop hypothyroidism genetically is when the body attacks the thyroid in an autoimmune response. In a healthy body, the immune system will protect the body by fighting foreign invasions like bacteria, but it does not attack its own cells. In people who have autoimmune problems, the immune system misperceives part of the body as foreign and attacks it. For some reason, the immune system will read the thyroid gland as something foreign and attack it. If the attack is ongoing the thyroid will not be able to produce enough thyroid hormone. Our genetic make-up is responsible for our immune system, its programming and the way that it functions, and problems with our genes can make it easier for us to develop auto immune diseases.

Having those DNA changes is not a guarantee that you will develop a thyroid problem, but it can increase your chances of it happening. There are lots of people who carry the genetics but do not ever actually present with a thyroid problem. There are also certain environmental factors that can trigger hypothyroidism and these are still currently under research. Low cost clinics in Las Vegas can help you to uncover the cause of your hypothyroidism and make a recommendation on the best course of treatment for you.