Can I Get a Low Cost Physical with Lab Work in Las Vegas?

by | Jan 22, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

If you ever asked yourself is there a way to get a physical with lab work for a discounted price; the answer lies in the Las Vegas clinic Patient’s Choice Medical Center. Las Vegas doctors offer alternative and traditional medicine at this Las Vegas medical center with low cost physicals accompanied by lab work at reasonable prices. While the pricing of the lab work at this clinic may be inexpensive and often less than insurance co-pays, the service and level of expertise is superior for patients, with licensed doctors on staff.

A basic physical with lab work can be obtained at the Patient’s Choice Medical Center for significantly less than other Las Vegas clinics offering the same services. Health insurance isn’t accepted at the Patient’s Choice Medical Center to help potential patients who not only are seeking a physical with lab work for a cheaper price but also for those that don’t have health insurance to rely on for payment. Patients who are looking for a physical with lab work for a cheap cost or those seeking a physical for employment, health, or immigration reasons find licensed medical doctors in this Las Vegas clinic that help not only with the basic physical and lab work, but also with follow-up treatments rooted in both traditional and alternative methods.

A full physician evaluation at the Patient’s Choice Medical Center with a complete set of lab work can cost as little as $150 compared to the $300-$500 charge seen at many Las Vegas clinics. Tests that comprise the full lab work and physical profile at Patient’s Choice Medical Center cover twenty different parameters including a Complete Blood Count, Thyroid Panel, Kidney, Liver and Pancreas function as well as blood sugar. While the physical and accompanying lab work may be available at a cheaper price than most Las Vegas clinics, that doesn’t mean that the patient receives substandard care.

Visits to Patient’s Choice Medical Center always feature licensed medical doctors that work with each patient and their medical needs to find the most beneficial tests and, if needed, their corresponding treatments. If the medical doctors at the Las Vegas clinic are only needed to complete the physicals and lab work to help serve a patient needing employment verification or a patient looking for medical answers, the patient is still treated as a valued patient, and receives the same level of compassionate customer care and medical services. Finding a physical with lab work for a reasonable price is easy and convenient at Patient’s Choice Medical Center in Las Vegas with testimonials outlining the level and speed of service offered to each individual patient. Other Las Vegas clinics require health insurance and co-pays, while the Patient’s Choice Medical Center focuses on the patient and their needs.

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