Don’t Let Expensive Health Care Prevent You From Getting Effective Medical Care

by | Jan 16, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

The rising costs of living, job losses and rumors of further unemployment mean that people have had to make financial sacrifices on their monthly budgets and generally look to cut expenditure on their healthcare insurance in order to reduce premiums. This could mean they have high deductibles or less health cover, as they are paying less, meaning they need low cost medical options that look after their health and finances. For others who do not have cover at all, a low cost medical service that still offers a high quality of care is essential, especially for people who do not want to suffer in silence. Patient’s Choice Medical Center believes that getting low cost medical care in Las Vegas is a basic human right and everyone should be entitled to professional medical services, and that there should be no compromise when it comes to good health.

More often than not the cost of belonging to a healthcare insurance company levies extra costs and surcharges on top of consultation fees and lab work costs. A cost effective medical solution will be available to give you attention that is of the same standard as an emergency center but is considerably cheaper than medical insurance co-pays. Our services are between 40% and 90% cheaper than health insurance co-pays, depending on the ailment in question, and 60% to 90% less expensive for lab work. This means that quality healthcare is not subject to a policy of financial exclusion, making the standard something that is set across the board.

One of the other significant areas that urgent care centers find themselves lacking in is timeous treatment, with the majority of patients complaining about how long they have to wait to be able to see a medical professional. Our clinic puts patients first and offer same-day appointments most of the time. Because of the nature of what we do and the substantial demand for low cost high quality medical service, we cannot oblige walk-ins but we do our best to see each and every patient on the day they request an appointment.

Our clinic offers a patient-centered approach, believing that offering high quality services at affordable rates is something that can improve people’s quality of life. Given the shortage of medical professionals and clinics in Las Vegas, our center aims to ensure that every patient’s medical needs are taken care of, at prices that will not cause the onset of more chronic health problems.