Facts About Low Cost Medical Care in Las Vegas Nevada

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People with Chronic Medical Conditions Need Affordable Health Care

Many people with chronic health conditions do not have insurance and need affordable healthcare services. The doctors at Patient First Wellness treat illnesses and diseases such as chronic sinusitis, persistent allergies, erectile dysfunction, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma, just to name a few. When untreated, many chronic conditions can lead to organ failure and serious life-threatening illnesses.

Healthcare researchers Pizer and associates (2009) found that uninsurance rates increased over 2% from 2000 to 2005. Many low and middle income individuals have serious medical conditions and disabilities and no health insurance. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 38% of men and 34% of women with disabilities were in the labor force. Individuals with chronic health conditions experience negative medical consequences when uninsured. The National Health Interview Survey found that as many as 46 million adults aged 18 to 64 had at least one of the top seven major chronic diseases, including hypertension and diabetes. For these people, poor health outcomes are commonplace.

Lack of Health Insurance Impacts Health and Well-Being

Families U.S.A conducted a study in 2010 regarding lack of health insurance and a person’s health. They found that, in 2010, more than 25,000 people between the ages of 25 and 64 years died prematurely as a result of no healthcare coverage. The researchers suggest that the association between absence of medical insurance and premature death occurs because the uninsured:
• Delay preventive care and screenings
• Do not have a usual source of health care
• Forgo necessary medical care
• Have to pay more for health services

Many ethnic groups struggle with access to health care, particularly African Americans and Latinos. The NAACP (2013) reports that as many as 25% of African Americans die from heart disease each year, and of this group, more than 45% have active cardiovascular disease. Additionally, blacks are 1.5 times more likely to develop diabetes than whites, with more than 3.7million African Americans age 20 years and older with this condition. Hypertension is also common in this ethnic group, affecting as many as 40% of African Americans.

A large number of Latinos and African Americans do not have health insurance, with over 100 million uninsured. Many factors contribute to this problem, including preexisting health conditions, cost of health insurance, and lost jobs. Because chronic health conditions are prevalent among these ethic groups, Patient First Wellness offers affordable options. People who have lost their health coverage are able to receive discount services to prevent complications that could arise.

Patient’s Choice Medical Center Affordable Option for Uninsured Men

There are many disparities and health risks that lead to lack of access to health care. Men have higher rates of mortality and a shorter life span, partly because of barriers to medical services. According to the 2009 Census Bureau study regarding health care coverage and a similar study conducted in 2001, men are 17% less likely to have health insurance compared to women. These reports showed that more than 54% of those who were uninsured were men.

The Patient’s Choice Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV has healthcare professionals who specialize in men’s health. These board certified doctors treat conditions such as andropause, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and benign prostate hypertrophy. One comprehensive service offered is the Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Lab Work screening and wellness package. This option is affordable at $180 and includes a detailed medical history, complete physical examination, and comprehensive lab work. Symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, sleeping too much, low libido, decreased mood, low self-esteem, and loss of muscle mass. Men who do not have health insurance can receive diagnostic testing and treatment for one low rate.

About Patient First Wellness

According to Patient First Wellness managing partner James Egidio, “Thirty years on the front lines of the American healthcare system have proven to me that the most crucial thing providers can do to enhance patients’ health is to provide affordable primary care services to the uninsured.”

Patient First Wellness is a medical clinic in Las Vegas that offers affordable, quality health care to people without health insurance. This center does not take medical insurance because they offer discount fees that are cheaper than most co-pays. You do not need a referral to Patient First Wellness. Just call to schedule an appointment at (702) 474-6300. According to market research, these Las Vegas doctors are 50% cheaper than other clinics, with affordable diagnostic laboratory services.