Foods That Can Help Protect Against Diabetes

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Diabetes | 0 comments

With 26-million people estimated to be living with diabetes and 79-million believed to have pre-diabetes, the condition is becoming a nation-wide concern. Latest research has highlighted something interesting; a curry compound that appears to prevent pre-diabetic people from developing Type 2 Diabetes. It isn’t the first time that foods have been found to have an effect on the likelihood of developing diabetes; there are some food types that can protect people from developing the lifestyle disease. For those who already have diabetes, finding low cost medical Care in Las Vegas is a health right and not just something that should be reserved for those who are wealthier.

The study that was carried out was conducted on 240 people over a period of nine months. During the trials, some of the test groups were administered capsules containing curucumin, a curry compound, and the others were given a placebo tablet. Researchers conducted their follow ups at three months, six months and nine months, and found that the participants who had been given the compound did not develop Type 2 Diabetes. While the clinical trials on humans were only conducted recently, studies carried out on mice in 2008 were found to have the same effects.

Nuts are another nutrient and vitamin-rich food source that have been found to promote health against lifestyle diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes. They contain low levels of C-reactive protein and HDL or good cholesterol. Studies have found that people who eat nuts on a regular bases have generally lower BMIs and are thus less likely to be obese. Fruits that can have a positive effect on diabetes are blueberries, pears and apples. A study carried out on 200 000 found that participants who ate these fruits regularly carried a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Everyone knows that vegetables are an important food source, but they have been shown to play an important role in preventing the onset of diabetes. What’s more is that researchers have also discovered that the bigger the variety of vegetables consumed, the lower the chances of contracting the disease.

Preventative care and healthy living offers an effective buffer against numerous diseases, but particularly lifestyle diseases. Consuming fresh, raw fruits and vegetables means you are getting minerals, vitamins and nutrients that can protect you against infections and diseases. For those who are at risk of developing diabetes, then affordable healthcare in Las Vegas is the only way to ensure future good health.