Getting Medical Help Without Insurance

by | Jan 22, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

During these tough economic times many people have to do without health insurance, and before the health care law comes into effect there will be many people without health insurance. So what are patients of Las Vegas clinics going to do without health insurance?

If you are recently laid off from a job that you held health insurance you could be eligible for coverage under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. Some Las Vegas doctors will work with this policy so it’s best to check with your doctor in Las Vegas.

Remember that emergency care is the right of every citizen. Even if you cannot afford health care you should still go to the emergency room if the situation calls for it. Medical Centers in Las Vegas must treat emergency victims although they can by right turn down non-emergency patients.

While you are without insurance you should continue searching for health insurance and keep getting health insurance quotes. A doctor in Las Vegas can help with getting a health insurance quote. Check with your Las Vegas doctors to see if there are any professional associations in the Las Vegas area that will allow you to join and pay premiums that are lower for health insurance.
Something that many patients do not know is that a hospital billing office could waive the entire bill if you do not have a job and no way to pay the health care cost. Las Vegas clinics can choose to waive the fee or not so it can be a crap shoot and is not always your best option.

Some patients even seek help from learning centers and university health clinics. For a reduced price a patient can have their teeth cleaned by student dentist or have your vision checked by optometry students. There are a few medical centers in Las Vegas that offer these services so check around and find out what is offered in your area.

Work with your doctors. Check with your doctor before hand to see if they offer any payment plans or other arrangements to pay your medical bills. If insurance is out of the question then check with your doctor in Las Vegas to see how they can help you work or find a cheaper service for your needs.
Low cost medical centers in Las Vegas offer patients a way to take care of common ailments for a fixed price without relying on insurance. These Las Vegas doctors offer basic physical exams, as well as arthritis treatment, seasonal allergies and pain management.

Check with your local Las Vegas doctor to see what kind of help you can find with your medical treatment, but if your problems are easy to treat, you can find help with low cost Las Vegas clinics. If you have been laid off or have had problems with paying medical bills, then a low cost clinic could be the best thing for you and your family’s health.

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