Important Signs That Suggest You Could Have A Thyroid Disorder

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Thyroid Conditions | 0 comments

It is estimated that there are 59-million living with thyroid disorders, and many of them are not even aware of it. Symptoms of an under or over-active thyroid need to be investigated, as a problematic thyroid can result in conditions like heart disease, anxiety, depression, hair loss, obesity and sexual dysfunction, including infertility. If cost is a factor preventing you from getting treatment, Las Vegas medical clinics can help you to find a cost-effective solution. And, if you suspect you may have a problem, here are some important signs you need to see your doctor:

Neck Discomfort

Swelling in the neck or discomfort that is experienced when wearing high necklines and polo necks could be an indication of a thyroid problem. Sometimes it may even affect your voice and result in a hoarse quality to your voice.

Changes in the Quality of Your Hair and Skin

When you have a thyroid disorder, it is likely to show up in the quality of your skin and hair and hair loss is often a common result. Your hair is likely to get dry and brittle, making it easier for it to break or fall out. If you have an underactive thyroid, your skin may get dry and scaly, or if it is hyperthyroidism that is plaguing you it could become thin and weak.

Cholesterol Levels

Very high cholesterol levels may be an indication of hypothyroidism, especially when it is unresponsive to medication, exercise and diet. Abnormally low cholesterol levels could be an indication of hyperthyroidism.


If you have a family history of a thyroid problem, there is a big chance that it could affect you as well. Older generations may refer to the condition as a goiter or gland trouble.

Fertility Problems

Women are affected more often by thyroid problems than men, and their menstrual cycles are usually affected. Women who have hypothyroidism may have frequent periods that are painful and heavy, whereas women who suffer from hyperthyroidism may have infrequent periods or periods that are lighter or shorter.

Bowel and Digestion Problems

Another common symptom is bowel problems. People who have hyperthyroidism are more likely to suffer from diarrhea, while those who have an underactive thyroid may become constipated frequently.

The most common symptoms also include general fatigue and problems gaining or losing weight, but because many symptoms may be easily confused with other conditions, you may need a few tests to confirm a diagnosis. Low cost clinics in Las Vegas can provide a cost-effective solution and ensure you restore your health.