Is There a Clinc in Las Vegas that Doesn’t Require Health Insurance?

by | Jan 22, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

Everyone knows that not having health insurance puts you at a distant disadvantage when it comes to finding health care.  Most clinics and physicians don’t even want to talk to you if you don’t have insurance, and if you’re not elderly and not destitute you can pretty much forget about qualifying for Medicaid and Medicare.  Having mediocre health insurance is almost worse than not having any insurance at all. It will make seeing a specialist much more difficult, the insurance provider will almost arbitrarily reject certain treatments or procedures from coverage, or you may be stuck with a huge yearly deductible, a fat copay for office visits or a significant bill for every procedure or treatment as your chunk of the bill.

So what are your options if you’re uninsured?

  • The emergency room. That’s where a lot of uninsured pateints wind up; emergency rooms are obligated by law to treat patients, insured or not, and just send a bill later, but an emergency room isn’t set up for someone with a cold, flu, second degree burn or lacerations that need a few stitches; they are designed for trauma like car wrecks or serious illnesses. Not a good choice.
  • Doc-in-a-box settings, at a drugstore chain. OK for a common cold….not good for something more serious.
  • County indigent clinics. Be prepared for a wait.

Patient’s Choice Medical Center in Las Vegas see the deficiencies as bigger than “cracks” for patients to fall through. Patient’s Choice Medical Center doesn’t even accept insurance; they deal specifically in discount medical services, and most of their fees are lower than the co-pays required by most insurance companies. Office visits are striclty conducted by licensed MD’s and DO’s, not nurse practitioners or Physician Assistants, and in most cases patients can schedule same day appointments (although walk-ins are discouraged).

Patient’s Choice Medical Center will see patients and treat for such common ailments as bronchitis, common cold or flu, diabetes medication refills, cholesterol, gastric reflux, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infections, weight loss, pain management, opiate detox, at a savings of 40-80% lower than most discount clinics in Las Vegas. Patient First also has a complete slate of lab work, and can do comprehensive screening and workups for similarly low flat fees.

There’s no reason to see a specialized clinic for things like smoking cessation, opiate detox, depression or weight loss in Las Vegas; Patient’s Choice Medical Center already offers all of these services for one low flat fee.

While Patient’s Choice Medical Center is not set up for major trauma, we specialize in the sorts of things that many patients have to face as part of everyday life. And when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t even make much sense to file an insurance claim for something lik a sinus infection or athlete’s foot, anyway. Patient’s Choice Medical Center recognizes a need in healthcare and is poised to fill that need, regardless of a patient’s insurance status, “pre-existing conditions” or any of the other things that often prevent patients from getting affordable medical care in Las Vegas. Isn’t it time that a provider was able to meet patients’ needs at an affordable cost? Call Patient’s Choice Medical Center today for an appointment at (702) 474-6300