Is There A Link Between Hypogonadism and Stress?

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Low Testosterone | 0 comments

The effects of stress hormones on testosterone have been documented in a report on psychology released by the University of Texas in Austin. The paper reveals that both testosterone and cortisol have a combined effect on regulating dominant behavior in males. The study findings show that when the body releases cortisol under pressure, the systems in the body mobilize in order to escape from the danger rather than to respond to any of the effects that testosterone might have on behavior. There are a number of testosterone replacement therapy options available on the market, and visiting low cost medical clinics in Las Vegas can help you to find the most appropriate form of treatment for your lifestyle.

The research into the study provides evidence that there are hormonal feedback networks between areas of the brain and hormones to regulate testosterone and cortisol production, and the interplay between them is what regulates competitive and dominant behavior.

The researchers say the logic behind the mechanism is that behaviors that are encouraged by testosterone production, namely aggression, mating and competition, would be fatal in a fight or flight scenario, where the individual’s focus should be survival. The study was carried out by testing the saliva of 57 participants. The men were involved in a competition and given the opportunity to compete a second time after they had won or lost the first dual. All of the men with high testosterone and low cortisol wanted a rematch, while all of those with low testosterone and high cortisol declined it. Defeat brought with it significantly lower testosterone levels for the participants who lost their matches, and testosterone appeared to play a role in whether the participants were interested in competing a second time.

The research findings have given new insight into the role of stress in fertility problems and why some men’s ability to produce quality sperm is affected negatively by stressful factors. Incidentally, high levels of cortisol have been found to affect female reproductive abilities in a negative light.

The study also gives more reason for men with low testosterone to seek help, as it is not only the sex drive and physical attributes that are affected by the sex hormone. Low hormone levels can affect all areas of a man’s life, in work and in play, and often in ways that we don’t even realize.

In order to establish whether what form of treatment would work best to help you deal with your daily stress, low cost clinics in Las Vegas can help you with all the necessary tests and assessments.