Las Vegas Man Discovers the Answer to His Mid-Life Funk!

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Low Testosterone | 0 comments

When 46 year-old Bob Watson started to feel tired and irritable all the time, he chalked it up to “just getting older.” However, even during a romantic vacation with his wife,  Sandy, he still couldn’t shake off his fatigue and experienced difficulty becoming aroused.  Back home, Sandy suggested he visit a Las Vegas medical clinic. Bob put off the appointment, embarrassed to discuss such intimate issues with a doctor. Soon, his inability to concentrate at work threatened his job while his inability to function in the bedroom threatened his marriage. Bob finally made an appointment at the conveniently located Patient’s Choice Medical Center near his Las Vegas, NV home. He was diagnosed as suffering from low levels of testosterone and told he was a prime candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Like millions of other men nationwide and in Las Vegas, Bob gave into the reluctance associated with talking to a medical professional about symptoms such as loss of interest in sex (low libido), erectile dysfunction, depression, and a lowered sense of self worth these conditions inflict.  Fortunately for Bob, the Las Vegas doctors at Patient’s Choice Medical Center medical clinic offer patients like Bob compassionate care and treatment for his low testosterone level.

The doctors at Patient’s Choice Medical Center a Las Vegas Medical Center want men to know that they shouldn’t be ashamed to describe their symptoms. The best way to bring up the issue is by using statements that begin with, “I am experiencing” or “I am concerned about”, which present these symptoms as simple facts. That way, the Patient’s Choice Medical Center medical clinic personnel can figure out whether they should be tested for low levels of testosterone and if they might benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Got Low Testosterone Levels Call (702) 474-6300 for an appointment or for more information on Testosterone Replacement Therapy.