Longer Use of Antibiotics Doesn’t Stop UTI Recurrence in Men

by | Jan 13, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

Two new studies into UTIs in men have found that not all men are likely to benefit from longer courses of treatment. The revelations were made in light of studies showing that long courses of antibiotics did not reduce the risk for a man developing recurrent UTIs. Urinary tract infections are more common in women than men, but may be as likely to recur in men as they do in women who are susceptible to them. The only way to prevent them from progressing is to seek immediate medical treatment from low cost healthcare in Las Vegas.

The first study spanned 4 854 765 male participants and found 39 149 episodes of UTI were reported by 33 336 unique patients. 35 per cent of the patients were given short duration antibiotic treatment (treatment that last seven days or less), while the remaining 65 per cent had shorter duration treatment (more than seven days). The researchers were trying to establish whether long term antibiotic use could prevent recurrent UTIs in men.

What they found was that longer duration treatment did not show a decrease in infection recurrence. They also found that Clostridium difficile infection risk increased substantially in the men who were given longer term treatment.

In the second study the use of UC or preoperative culture to screen for bacteriuria was assessed. The researchers took a look at 1688 men who had undergone surgeries like orthopedic, vascular or cardiothoracic. In the study group the 1688 men had gone through 1934 procedure. A UC was obtained prior to 25 per cent of procedures, but there were noticeable discrepancies in terms of the different types of procedures. 85 per cent of cardiothoracic procedures made use of the UC, but this dropped to only 48 per cent of vascular procedures and 4 per cent of orthopedic procedures. 11 per cent of the men who had preoperative UCs were found to have bacteriuria. The outcomes of the study also revealed that men who had a positive UC were more likely to develop an infection and a postoperative UTI than the men who did not.

UTIs are extremely uncomfortable, and they can progress to more severe infections if they are not treated speedily. Most home remedies fail at treating the infection, and antibiotic treatment is always required. If you suffer from recurrent UTIs, clinics in Las Vegas can find a cost effective solution to improve your quality of life.