Shingles Questions Answered

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Shingles | 0 comments

Despite us hearing that shingles is so prevalent among older people, many still do not understand the virus, why and how it affects them. It’s not just patients who are a little confused either, as scientists are still studying this elusive virus that can remain dormant in the body for up to decades before reactivating. In order to get relief from pain and discomfort and speed up your recovery time, you need to visit low cost clinics in Las Vegas as soon as your first symptoms appear. Here are some of the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to the shingles virus.

Why Do Some People Refer to Shingles As Zoster?

The shingles virus is known as varicella-zoster, which comes from the Greek word for “girdle”. This is the area that the rash is most likely to appear on.

Why Does The Virus Become Active After Long Periods of Latency?

This is still under research, but doctors believe it is because of a combination of different factors. Generally, a compromised immunity is one of the big reasons for the virus to reactivate, but why and how it occurs is still something of a mystery. Low immunity is usually combined with a period of illness, stress or even something as seemingly insignificant as a sunburn.

Can The Rash Develop All Over The Body?

The rash usually only occurs on one part of the body, with the trunk being the most common location.

Can You Get Shingles Again?

It is possible for someone to suffer recurrent outbreaks, but in the majority of people the virus generally only reactivates once in a lifetime.

Why Can Two People With The Same Risk Factors Respond Differently?

Again, scientists are still trying to uncover why two people who have the same risk factors respond differently and what causes the rash to reactivate in one person but remain dormant in another.

Are There Complications?

Hearing and vision problems are the most common complications in people where the rash reactivates on the face. If the virus appears on the cornea, permanent loss of vision can result. Some people can fall into depressive states because of chronic pain, especially if post herpetic neuralgia (chronic pain after the rash has healed) develops. Complications can also be caused by pneumonia.

The only way to get through a shingles outbreak is with antiviral treatment. This can shorten the duration of the illness and make it more bearable. Low cost health care in Las Vegas can provide treatment options to make you more comfortable.