Side Effects of Phenteramine for Weight Loss

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Weight Loss | 0 comments

When you are looking for a weight loss pill, keep in mind that there are many on the market-including Phenteramine. However, there is something else to remember. There are side effects of Phenteramine for weight loss-some of them easy to deal with, and some of them not. Remember to always consult your Las Vegas weight loss clinic when taking any new medications.

When considering side effects of Phenteramine for weight loss: Phenteramine is a stimulant, much like caffeine. In fact, Phenteramine is derived from Amphetamines aka “Speed”. Knowing that Phenteramine is a stimulant will help anyone understand why insomnia is one of the side effects listed for it.

While many people are hyperactive due to things such as ADHD, Taking Phenteramine for weight loss can cause the side effects of hyperactivity, irritability, Restlessness and an increased heart rate. Your Las Vegas doctor can help explain any complications that may come. In other words, if you usually work at a normal pace, but suddenly find yourself practically dancing with energy to finish the job-this is a sign of hyperactivity and a side effect of Phenteramine.

Amphetamines ae Known to cause feelings of euphoria, yet stimulants are capable of the same thing. The rush that comes from the “hit” to the nervous system is the same thing that causes Phenteramine to produce weight loss. If you’re looking for weight loss help in Las Vegas, the doctors at Patient’s Choice Medical Center can help; this Las Vegas based clinic is able to treat many ailments.

There are side effects to using Phenteramine for weight loss-euphoria while the dose has kicked in, and dysphoria while the dose is wearing off. In other words, the phenteramine user may experience great happiness for a while that is different than normal. Then, the user may go through feelings that are very sad or unhappy compared to their normal state. If you find yourself suffering these conditions consult your medical doctor in Las Vegas immediately.

Dry mouth-or “cotton mouth” as some people refer to it-is another problem that can be one side effect of Phenteramine for weight loss. So is constipation. Neither of these things is too hard to deal with- talking with your Las Vegas doctor about them will help you immensely.

When users of Phenteramine have serious side effects though, they need to be brought to the immediate attention of a Las Vegas Medical professional.

If you have problems go to your closest Las Vegas medical facility since the side effects of Phenteramine can be very dangerous to your health if not dealt with in a quick fashion. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is probably the most dangerous of the risky side effects especially since it can lead to a stroke.

If for any reason, a rash develops as a side effect of Phenteramine for weight loss, or the patient’s throat begins to swell shut, an immediate trip to your medical center in Las Vegas is required. Without it, the complications could be very dangerous.

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