Symptoms of Shingles Without a Rash

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Shingles can often be diagnosed simply through visual examination, because of the characteristic pattern formed by the shingles rash. It is important to note, however, that not all shingles outbreaks are accompanied by a rash, and that the body may experience internal symptoms that can also be uncomfortable. People who are prone to recurrent shingles outbreaks can get treatment from clinics in Las Vegas, and it is important to note that antiviral medication is most effective if administered within 72-hours of the first symptoms appearing.

Symptoms Of Shingles Without A Rash

More often than not, shingles appears with a rash, but sometimes the pain and discomfort may present without a rash being present. The person may still experience other shingles symptoms in the body. Sometimes, a shingles outbreak may be accompanied by abdominal pain or an upset stomach, a fever and headache, as well as other symptoms that may mirror a cold.

Shingles and Your Lymph System

It is also common to experience swelling in the lymph system. As your body tries to fight your infection, you may experience swelling under your arms, in your groin or in your neck as your body tries to cleanse the infection out of your system. Some people may get lesions or blisters in the mouth. This can cause pain and discomfort with chewing and swallowing.

Shingles in the Face or Head

If your shingles outbreak affects the nerves close to your eyes, or your optic nerve, it can affect your eyesight and cause vision loss. A shingles outbreak on the head or face should be reported to your doctor immediately, even if you experience recurrent outbreaks of the virus. Hearing loss can also occur, partially or completely, if the virus affects the nerves in your ears. Encephalitis can also occur if the shingles virus affects areas of your brain.

Because chicken pox was so highly contagious before the vaccine was developed, it is assumed most people have been exposed to the virus and may develop shingles later on in life. The shingles vaccine is a highly effective way of preventing recurrent outbreaks of the virus and for lessening the severity of shingles symptoms. It can also minimize your chances of developing complications such as post herpetic neuralgia. If you need regular treatment for shingles, or if you would like to try the shingles vaccine, which is recommended for everyone over the age of 51, affordable healthcare in Las Vegas can help you find a cost-effective treatment solution.