The Rising Costs of Health Insurance In The U.S.

by | Jan 22, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

The rising costs of health insurance has become a significant problem within the United States, and this is why many individuals are either forced to pay exceedingly high prices for the care they need, or they simply go without it. According to a survey conducted on a range of average policies offered to the public by insurance providers, individuals can expect to pay about $183 in premiums per month, while families are expected to pay around $414 for their monthly premiums. Around 46 million Americans are currently uninsured, and this means that there is an ever-increasing need for low cost health care in Las Vegas.

Forced Bankruptcy Even With Insurance

Between the period of February 2010 and 2011, premiums went up, on average, almost 10%, and they continue to rise each year. These statistics are frightening considering that, even with insurance, individuals might not be covered as thoroughly as they would like to be. According to a statement released by The New York Times in 2009, it seems as if ¾ of individuals who went bankrupt due to medical expenses actually had some form of medical insurance when they fell ill or were involved in an accident.

Excessively High Deductibles

It is not just the premiums that are currently making it difficult for individuals to be able to afford health insurance; the deductibles alone are enough to convince a person that they need to seek alternatives to traditional health care options. In the same survey conducted in 2011, it was noted that the average person will pay a deductable of around $2,935, while families are expected to pay about $3,879.

Can You Afford To Visit a Medical Professional When You Fall Ill?

One of the most difficult decisions facing people these days is whether they should visit a medical professional when they fall ill, and this could be detrimental to their well being, since even minor sicknesses might become severe without treatment. When you find yourself in this type of situation, you need to ensure that you can visit a doctor that will not charge you an arm and a leg for their services, and this is where low cost health care in Las Vegas comes in handy; when you visit a facility that offers these services, you will benefit from high quality treatment at low costs; with the exorbitant prices being charged by healthcare companies all over the country, this might quickly become one of the most popular options available to the American public.