Understanding Shingles Can Empower You and Help Avoid Recurrent Outbreaks

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Shingles | 0 comments

Because of its association with chicken pox, people often get confused about how shingles develops, what causes it and why it affects them. Clinics in Las Vegas offer efficient and affordable treatment for shingles patients to shorten the duration of their outbreaks and help to minimize the symptoms. If you have been recently diagnosed with shingles and need to have treatment, or if you experience recurrent shingles outbreaks, here are some questions to think about asking your doctor to give you a better understanding of what is happening in your body.

Today, people can be better informed about their health if they understand it. This can only have a positive impact on the patient’s outcomes, if they work together with their doctor to do the best to recover and stay healthy to avoid recurrent illnesses.

Ask Your Doctor Why a Shingles Diagnosis Was Made

Find out which symptoms have led to the diagnosis. Typically, the shingles rash is usually sufficient for a doctor to make a pretty quick diagnosis of the virus, but there are occasions where a rash is not present so if this is the case, find out what other diagnostic criteria were used.

Enquire How You Developed It

It is taken as a given that 99% of people are susceptible to shingles purely because they would have had chicken pox as a child, so you developing shingles may not be a big surprise to your healthcare practitioner, but do find out if there are other reasons you might have developed it. Some possibilities could be diabetes, a recent illness or infection, or treatment for cancer you might have had. Understanding the triggers may help you to avoid recurrent outbreaks in the future,

Ask How You Can Recover Quickly

We like to assume that our doctors will recommend the fastest route to recovery, but sometimes it helps to be proactive and find out what you can do to work with the treatment program. This could be simple things like staying hydrated and getting sufficient rest, or finding if any vitamins should be added or subtracted from your health routine to speed up the recovery process. Also remember the sooner you get treatment, the better your chances of quick recovery are, so do not delay seeking medical help if you suspect you may have shingles.

Antivirals have proven to be most effective in the 72 hours after the first symptoms, so make sure you get immediate medical help from affordable healthcare in Las Vegas to recover.