What Causes The Flu?

by | Jan 16, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

Flu can leave you feeling terrible and presents with a number of symptoms that are similar to the cold, but much more severe. Also, influenza is caused by viruses that make their way into your body, and because the strain of virus changes quite often, it can be more difficult to treat. Transmission of the flu virus can occur through direct or indirect contact, and the only way of protecting yourself is by having a vaccine. Low cost medical clinics in Las Vegas can ensure you receive high quality care at affordable prices and shorten your recovery time.

Viruses change all the time and different strains of flu appear every year. When you have had the same strain of flu, your body develops antibodies to fight it and subsequent infections will be less severe. The flu virus can be transmitted through water droplets that are released when you cough and sneeze and can affect other people around you if they breathe them in. They can also be picked up from other objects and surfaces, so sick people should ensure they practice good hygiene and keep themselves away from others while they are recovering.

While no one is safe from getting the flu, there are certain groups who are more susceptible than others. Young children and people over the age of 65 are likely to have weaker immunity and suffer from flu infections more regularly. People who work in healthcare and are exposed to different sicknesses more often will be more likely to get it. People who have weakened immunity because of other infections and those who have chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma and heart disease are also more likely to have frequent infections. Pregnant women may also be more susceptible to flu in their second and third trimesters.

If you are generally healthy, you should respond positively to antiviral treatment, but sometimes complications can crop up. The most common complications are bronchitis, pneumonia and ear and sinus infections. Pneumonia poses the biggest and most serious threat, especially for people in high risk groups. For older people and those with weakened immunity, pneumonia can be life-threatening. People who are at high risk of flu should get an annual flu vaccine to protect themselves from infections every year.

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