What is Anxiety Attack Disorder?

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Anxiety | 0 comments

Anxiety attacks, or panic attacks, are classified as a panic disorder. Around 19 per cent of North Americans have anxiety attack disorder, but the figure is believed to be lower than it should be because of the number of cases that are underreported. Coming to terms with anxiety attacks can take a while, depending on how long it has been established for and how receptive you are to treatment. Doctors at Las Vegas medical clinics will help you to come up with a management strategy to keep your anxiety attacks under control.

Anxiety attack disorder is characterized by persistent or frequent attacks that restrict a person’s lifestyle and which may be caused by nothing in particular. Once it is established, it can become incredibly debilitating, because it is self-perpetuating. The person becomes more fearful and panicked about the thought of having an anxiety attack, which causes more anxiety and makes the attack more severe. The fear about having the anxiety attack escalates, causes panic, and then more fear, and this can continue in a cycle for a long time.

The anxiety attack may be characterized by sudden terror, fear or impending doom for no apparent reason. Some people also experience physical symptoms like a fast heart rate, nausea, perspiration, lightheadedness or fear of losing control. Some people may not experience any physical symptoms, while others may experience a cluster. The length of time the anxiety attack lasts can range from a few minutes to over half an hour. Depending on its severity, it may also continue intermittently for hours or days.

The age group most susceptible to anxiety attack disorder is the 17 to 25 year old age group. Women are believed to be more predisposed to it, but this is somewhat unreliable as men are not always keen to get medical treatment. Some doctors hold the belief that the condition runs in families but there is currently no scientific evidence to support this. Most doctors believe that it is acquired and behavioral, which gives it a good prognosis for treatment.

Anxiety attack disorder may take a while to overcome, as you reprogram your body’s responses to stresses and stimuli. During your treatment process, you will need to unearth and identify those elements that are causing the anxiety and address them, which can take a while to get to. Doctors at low cost clinics in Las Vegas can come up with an integrated program to help you heal.