What Is The Best Way To Treat UTIs?

by | Jan 15, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

Also known as cystitis, urinary tract infections are more common in women than they are in men. The most effective treatment is by using antibiotics; although, many people do use home remedies to relieve symptoms and discomfort. The choice of antibiotic treatment depends on factors like whether the infection is primary or recurrent, and whether it is complicated or uncomplicated. Other factors like sex, age, whether the person is pregnant or has diabetes, or whether the person has been hospitalized will determine what type of treatment should be used. If you suspect you have a UTI or are experiencing recurrent or chronic urinary tract infections, Las Vegas medical clinics can help you to find a treatment solution.

Generally speaking, the bacterial count does not have an impact on the type of treatment required; if there is an infection present, antibiotics should be used. In an uncomplicated UTI, treatment may be prescribed telephonically if the person is low risk, not pregnant or not hospitalized.  The condition can usually be treated within three days of antibiotic treatment without performing a urine test.

Antibiotics taken by mouth can treat 94 per cent of infections successfully, but recurrence is always possible and highly likely in some cases. Sometimes, a single antibiotic dose may be effective, but more success is usually seen with courses that last three days. Most people generally recover fully within a week of treatment if not sooner. If no success has been achieved within the first few days, your doctor may request a urine sample to check exactly which organism caused the infection and apply more specific treatment.

10 per cent of women are likely to experience a relapse within the first three weeks of treatment. The course of treatment is similar to treating the primary infection, but may need to be continued for one to two weeks to ensure the infection is treated successfully.

People who experience two or more UTIs in six months or three infections in a year may want to consider preventive medication. The patient can usually decide whether their degree of discomfort warrants this. Self treatment is generally not suitable for people who have had kidney infections, those with compromised immunity or a history of resistance of antibiotics.

If frequent or recurrent infections are affecting your quality of life, the cost of treatment may be worrying you. Visiting low cost medical clinics in Las Vegas will ensure that you find an affordable solution.