What Is Thyroid Storm?

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Also known as thyrotoxic storm, hyperthyroid storm and accelerated hyperthyroidism, thyroid storm is a medical emergency that needs immediate medical treatment. The condition develops from untreated hyperthyroidism and can be catalyzed by stress, infection or trauma. If you have a thyroid condition, it is important to take the medication prescribed for you at low cost health care in Las Vegas. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism may progress to more severe symptoms if they are not treated or the person experiences an illness, which can exacerbate their symptoms.

Sometimes thyroid storm may be caused when a person stops medication for hyperthyroidism, receives too much thyroid hormone, is treated with radioactive iodine, experiences severe illness or has a heart attack. Thyroid storm is the most dangerous and extreme thyroid condition that can come on suddenly, and it is important that people who have hyperthyroidism monitor their health carefully to ensure it does not progress to thyrotoxic storm.

Thyroid Storm Symptoms

The symptoms for thyroid storm may mimic those of hyperthyroidism, but they are much more severe. The person may struggle to maintain their weight or may lose a lot of weight. Some of the other symptoms of thyroid storm include dehydration, nausea, a shift in consciousness or disorientation, extreme agitation, confusion fever, diarrhea, a pounding heart, shaking, restlessness and sweats.

Testing for Thyroid Storm

Blood work is usually done to confirm the condition and may show high levels of total T3 and free T4. A person’s thyroid stimulating hormone levels may be too low to pick up on a blood test. The person may also have a high systolic number on a blood pressure reading.

The presence of thyroid storm is confirmed by the presence of symptoms, although not all may be applicable at the same time, and an enlarged thyroid gland. The person may also have protruding eyes and a wide pulse pressure.

While thyroid storm is considered a medical emergency, getting immediate treatment can affect a person’s prognosis. A few years ago, mortality from the condition was at 100 per cent, but now, with the advent of medication and improved responsiveness to the condition, the prognosis has improved to around 20 per cent of sufferers.

People who have thyroid disorders should take the advice given by their doctors and take their medication as prescribed to them. Low cost medical clinics in Las Vegas can help you to find a cost effective solution to take care of your state of health.