Who Gets Urinary Tract Infections and Why They Need To Be Treated

by | Jan 16, 2020 | General Medical Articles | 0 comments

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be extremely uncomfortable and are likely to recur when a person is stressed or run down. They are more common in women than in men and are caused by microbes (organisms that are too tiny to be seen under a microscope). They can be fungal, bacterial or viral, but the majority of them are caused by bacteria. Under normal or healthy conditions, they would be eliminated by the body, but sometimes they can overwhelm it and cause an infection. A person with a UTI needs immediate relief from the discomfort and a same-day appointment. Low cost medical clinics in Las Vegas offer a practical and affordable solution to give everyone access to high quality healthcare.

UTIs can affect different parts of the urinary tract, but they generally start off as infections in the urethra, a condition known as urethritis. When the infection travels up to the bladder, the condition is known as cystitis, and when it reaches the kidneys it is called pyelonephritis. Women are 50% more likely to develop UTIs because of the way their bodies are built. People who have injuries to their spinal cord or any nerve damage around their bladders are at greater risk of developing UTIs. People who have kidney stones or men with enlarged prostates may also be more susceptible. Sometimes, those who have catheters fitted may develop a UTI.

When women get a UTI they have a 20% chance of it becoming recurring. It is also not uncommon for a woman to get a recurring infection two to three times a year, although it seems to go in phases or relapse and remission. People who have diabetes are also more likely to have recurrent infections.

UTIs are common in pregnant women, with between 4% and 5% likely to develop one during their pregnancy. Most pregnant women are screened for bacteria in their urine during the first trimester, and it is important to keep it under control, as pregnant women’s UTIs are also more likely to develop into kidney infections.

Symptoms and signs may vary, but UTIs are usually characterized by a painful, burning sensation before and during urination. The person may only pass a little urine and not feel as though they have emptied their bladder successfully. Their urine may also be dark in color or have a strong smell.

Treating a UTI in time and within a patient’s budget is essential if they are to recover and regain their quality of life. Low cost clinics in Las Vegas provide the best possible care at the most reasonable prices.