Why Are Women At Greater Risk of Developing Depression Than Men

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Depression | 0 comments

Depression is known to affect considerably more women than men. A combination of hormonal, genetic and lifestyle factors can lead to depression in women, who are twice as likely as men to suffer from the condition. One in eight women will develop depression at some point in their lives, with the condition presenting most commonly in women between the ages of 25 and 44. Depression is common and it can be treated efficiently at Las Vegas medical clinics.

Depressed emotions and fluctuations in mood can be expected as a result of changes in hormone levels. Hormonal changes alone are not enough to cause depression, and they are usually accompanied by biological factors and life experiences when depression develops.

The depression gap explains why women are more susceptible to depression than men from puberty to post-menopause and why they experience it earlier on than men, but it is usually combined with other factors such as family conflicts, issues pertaining to sexuality, an emerging identity and pressure to achieve. Before menstruation, many women experience PMS, which is characterized by bloating, headaches and irritability. Researchers believe that changes to levels of progesterone, estrogen and other hormones can interfere with the functioning of brain chemicals like serotonin that control mood.

External and lifestyle factors that can contribute to depression include too much work and responsibility (or finding a balance between work and family responsibilities), physical or sexual abuse, and economic or power issues that could make women feel as though they are not in control of their lives.

Other health conditions that may coincide with women who experience depression include anxiety (the most common co-existing condition), eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and over eating, and alcohol and drug abuse. The most common symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness, guilt or hopelessness, losing interest in the things you used to enjoy, experiencing changes in your sleep pattern (sleeping too much or not sleeping enough), having chronic pain or fatigue that does not appear to have cause, suicidal thoughts or changes in appetite that could result in weight loss or weight gain.

In order to resolve a depressive mood, most people need a combination of counseling and medication. If depressive symptoms are very severe, the person may need medication while they work through what could be causing the condition. Counseling will teach you vital coping mechanisms to help you deal with your depression more effectively. Low cost clinics in Las Vegas can help you to find the most effective solution to deal with your depression.