Can Your Cellphone Help You Quit Smoking?

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Smoking Cessation | 0 comments

A New Zealand study has found that video and text messages on cellphones can improve quitters; chances of kicking the habit. The results indicate that people enrolled in a cell phone smoking cessation program were as twice as likely to be successful at quitting than people who weren’t registered. What the study also showed was that certain techniques, therapies, methodologies and medicines have different effects on different people, and this latest intervention is not guaranteed to provide favorable results for everyone. If you are a smoker, you need to quit today. Las Vegas medical clinics can provide you with the medication and counseling to help you get through cravings and nicotine withdrawal.

The study results showed that 9 per cent of people trying to quit were successful for at least six months when they were sent prompts through their cell phones. This was compared to only 5 per cent of study participants who tried to quit without assistance. And while the results only reflect a small percentage of success, they do present a flicker of hope in the fight against tobacco use.

The programs that were used included videos and text messages every day for a period of six weeks, and consisted of advice and motivation to prepare people for their quit day. On quit day those, participating in the study received multiple messages to help them manage cravings, give positive affirmation and other resources to help them survive a relapse.

Study authors have admitted the process was most effective in the initial weeks it was carried out, but that the evidence did not extend into the long term. The study was carried out over a six month period and surveyed 9100 smokers. 444 of the 4730 participants in the cellphone program abstained from smoking for a period of six months. Of the 4370 people who did not take part in the program, only 240 were successful at not smoking for six months.

While the success rates were small, they were similar to the rates claimed by interventions like quit lines. Quit lines offer telephonic counseling to quitters and are reported to have a 14 per cent success rate. The cell phone program has been recommended as a complement to other cessation techniques to increase smokers’ chances of quitting for good. If you want to improve your long term health and that of your family, low cost clinics in Las Vegas can help to formulate a program to help you quit.