Creating a Smoking Cessation Program for the Workplace

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Smoking Cessation | 0 comments

Smoking is a problem in many homes all over the world, but it is a big problem in the workplace too. Smokers irritate and make non-smokers ill, as well as themselves, and take more sick days leave than non-smokers. There’s also the issue of extended smoke breaks, inattentiveness problems with personal grooming that employers face when their staff smoke. Furthermore, many smokers are in denial about their problem and are highly unlikely to get help to enable them to quit.

Creating a strategy to address the problem can help the productivity of the company as well as improve the general health of employees and minimize their risk of falling ill so often. Las Vegas medical clinics can help you to evaluate the extent of your workplace smoking problem and come up with affordable and effective strategies and techniques.

As we all know, smoking causes a list of serious disease and health ailments, among which are cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, a multitude of cancers, emphysema and bronchitis. Secondary smoke has also been linked to dangerous illness and childhood disease. Furthermore, tobacco use is estimated to cost $96-billion a year in medical costs, and another $96.8-billion in lost productivity from sickness and premature death.

Employee programs to address smoking cessation need to be structured correctly to be of most benefit to the workplace. It also fulfills an important treatment gap, as only 50 to 60 per cent of smokers get advice on quitting from their healthcare practitioners, and only 39 per cent turn to prescription and over the counter medications. Furthermore, a number of these people are unsuccessful in their efforts anyway.

A well drafted plan needs to assess the extent of the problem, plan strategies to address it, collect data before, during and after the program, and create interventions to solve the problem. A Health Risk Appraisal can assist to establish who the smokers in the workplace are as they may not self-identify.

In order to curb losses in productivity and improve the health of all employees, a professional cessation plan needs to be put in place and monitored for effectiveness and to ensure the desired results are achieved. Companies that take the time and effort to create appropriate strategies can reap the benefits and ensure that their employees’ best interests are protected.

If you need a smoking cessation program to be created for your workplace, low cost clinics in Las Vegas can come up with an affordable and practical solution.