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Patient’s Choice Medical Center is one of the foremost medical clinics in Las Vegas, NV. This healthcare facility offers many discount medical services, including diagnosis, lab testing and effective treatment options for ED and other chronic diseases and acute illnesses. Specifically, these clinic doctors specialize in providing affordable medical care to those patients who have no personal health insurance.

Cialis offers Several Benefits to Men with Erectile Dysfunction

In February of 2013, researchers Paduch and associates studied the effects of a medication in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The objective of this study was to compare the effects of tadalafil (Cialis) on the ejaculatory/orgasmic functioning of patients who presented with erectile dysfunction and also to ascertain the effects of ejaculatory dysfunction and orgasmic dysfunction on sexual satisfaction after treatment.
Approximately 3,600 random subjects were studied by integrating the data gathered from seventeen different three month trials using 5, 10 and 20 mg doses of tadalafil as required in ED patients. The results indicated that treatment using 10 or 20 mg dosages of tadalafil showed significant increases in ejaculatory/orgasmic functioning, as compared to a placebo, in all participants.

While only 36% of males in the placebo group indicated improved ejaculatory functioning, 66% of subjects in the tadalafil group reported improvements. Similar improvement ratios (35% vs. 66%) were seen with the placebo vs. tadalafil group in patients suffering from severe orgasmic dysfunction. Conclusions of these integrated study results are that tadalafil treatment is associated with significant improvements in ejaculatory functioning, orgasmic functioning as well as sexual satisfaction overall (Paduch, 2013).

Overview of Erectile Dysfunction

While erectile dysfunction can affect males of any age, it is much more prevalent in older men. It is quite normal for men to have occasional experiences with erectile dysfunction. However, when the problem becomes a chronic one, it can have negative effects on partner relationships, emotional wellbeing as well as levels of self-esteem. ED can also be a symptom of certain underlying health conditions. It is very important to talk to a doctor when ED becomes an ongoing issue.

The Causes of ED

The main reasons for erectile dysfunction are physical, comprising close to 85 of reported cases. However, there are other causes, including:

• Physical causes – Includes diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and neurological diseases.
• Certain drugs – Used to treat these conditions, can contribute to ED.
• Psychological causes – Upwards of 15% of ED cases are rooted in psychological causes including depression, anxiety, excessive stress and relationship issues.
• Lifestyle – Certain lifestyle habits increase ED risks such as smoking, use of alcohol and other substance abuse.
Patient’s Choice Medical Center can Diagnose ED
Typically, when an erectile dysfunction investigation begins, a doctor at Patient First Wellness will conduct a physical examination and take the patient’s medical history. Low cost evaluation and treatment begins with a physician assessment, including:
• Present/past medical conditions, surgical procedures and medications.
• Personal and family history of mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression.
• Any use of alcohol, illicit drugs, smoking and dietary supplements.
The patient’s sexual history will also be determined. Things the doctor could ask include:
• When any abnormal sexual functioning first started?
• Quality, quantity and duration of any erections?
• When erections take place (i.e. night or morning)?
• Specific circumstances that result in ED?
• Sexual technique details?
• Are there problems in the current relationship with the patient’s spouse or partner? The partner may also be interviewed, if it is deemed appropriate.

A doctor will perform a physical examination including the genital area and a rectal exam to determine if there any abnormalities of the prostate. Blood pressure and circulation in the legs should also be checked.
Blood tests are often utilized to measure testosterone levels to rule out any hormonal problems. Thyroid and adrenal gland function tests may also be ordered plus blood sugar glucose screening tests for diabetes. Narrowing of the arteries is often closely associated with ED. As a result, cholesterol levels will also be determined.

At Patient First Wellness, people with no health insurance can get lab work and an evaluation for one low price. The general health screening is only $150, compared to $600 at some other facilities. This is the first step toward preventive care. The general health and wellness screening consists of a complete set of laboratory tests, including a complete blood count, thyroid, liver, kidney, pancreas, cholesterol, blood sugar, and urine analysis.

Treatment Options

Many treatment options for ED are available at Patient’s Choice Medical Center, including oral medications (i.e. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) and injections. Also, these board certified Las Vegas doctors can recommend surgical intervention, mechanical devices and psychotherapy. Obviously, any underlying health condition linked to a patient’s erectile dysfunction also needs to be appropriately addressed.

Patient’s Choice Medical Center Can Help

Costs for basic medical care can be prohibitive with the state of the US economy today. As a result, worries about the inability to pay for medical bills can cause many individuals to neglect their health. Ultimately, this neglect can end up costing additional money and even a person’s life. Don’t worry if you have no medical insurance coverage. This medical clinic gives you a low cost alternative for treating your ongoing medical needs. Make an appointment today with one of the many Patient’s Choice Medical Center doctors in Las Vegas.