How Effective Are Intracorporeal Injections At Treating ED?

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Erectile Dysfunction | 0 comments

About 50 per cent of men who have intracorporeal injections (ICI) for post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction showed signs of satisfaction with their treatment, according to research conducted a few years into the treatment schedule. This form of self-administered treatment has been proven effective, but the biggest reasons for men deciding not to proceed with treatment were a dislike for injecting medication into the penis, followed by the pain they experienced. Advances in medication and technology have opened up different ways of treating this condition, and men suffering from ED can now seek affordable healthcare in Las Vegas to find more comfortable ways of managing the condition.

This is the first study to monitor the after-effects of self-administered injections to eight years; previous studies have followed up on patients’ treatment results as far as four years. The studies did not take any preoperative factors into account for men who had radical prostatectomy and elected for ICI treatment. This study took place over a period of eight years and included 140 participants who had opted for the treatment following radical retropubic prostatectomy in order to manage the progression of prostate cancer.

Of the participants, 135 men completed satisfaction surveys, of which found that 10 per cent were very satisfied with their treatments, 34 per cent were satisfied, 35 per cent were not satisfied, and 21 per cent were very unsatisfied. 102 men reported on reasons for wanting to discontinue treatment for different reasons: 47 per cent did not like administering the injections, 33 per cent reported an aversion to the pain they experienced, 19 per cent had managed to regain adequate erections through treatment, 6 per cent did not have a sexual partner, and 3 per cent cited “other reasons”.

Eight years into the study, it emerged that 24 per cent of the men were still using ICI treatment. The results also indicated that the men who had used the ICI treatment had better pre-operative sexual function scores when compared to the men who did not have treatment, the researchers reported that men who had better erections were more likely to explore more invasive forms of therapy early on in their postoperative care. Even though ICI treatment is not considered a universally popular way of managing ED, the researchers were content with the 44 per cent satisfaction score among patients.

The results of the study highlight the relevance of different treatments for different people. Las Vegas medical clinics can help you to find a treatment solution that works best for your particular case.