New Research Explores the Relationship Between ED and Cardiovascular Disease

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Erectile Dysfunction | 0 comments

While the relationship between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular health has been known for a while, a new study from Australia has provided some concerning insights into how the two conditions are connected. The new study, the biggest of its kind, suggests that ED is a precursor to serious, underlying health concerns. In order to get the necessary tests performed, men with symptoms of ED should consult Las Vegas medical clinics.

According to the study, heart disease risks and premature death are elevated in proportion to how severe the ED is, regardless of whether the person had a history of cardiovascular disease. Earlier studies into the relationship between stroke, heart disease and erectile problems have been conducted, but this study was the first of its kind to incorporate mild and moderately severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

According to the research, ED is not a cause of cardiovascular disease, but rather, a symptom, and the results infer that men with any kind of erectile difficulty should get medical assistance as soon as possible. They should insist on a full medical check-up prior to being administered medication to treat ED to see what the real cause of the problem is.

The findings of the study were published in PLOS Medicine Journal and reflected on the progress of 95 000 men 45 years of age and older, who were followed up with for two to three years. The participants were required to complete a survey based on their lifestyle and state of health and hospital admissions and deaths were also recorded. At the end of the study, the researchers noted 7855 hospitalizations for cardiovascular disease and 2304 deaths.

The researchers say there isn’t a causal link between ED and cardiovascular disease, but that the findings will provide useful information for doctors and specialists, enabling them to forecast cardiovascular problems in the future. Erectile dysfunction currently affects one in every five men over the age of 40, and ranges from moderate to severe.

The news is topical in light of recent reports in the surge of men seeking treatment for problems with erectile function. Incidentally, heart disease is currently the second cause of death in the United States, so the increase in ED cases is hardly surprising in light of the research.

While medication for erection problems has been found to be effective for the majority of men who suffer from this condition, low cost clinics in Las Vegas can provide the necessary tests to investigate ED further.