Quit Smoking by Making It Your First Resolution This Year

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Smoking Cessation | 0 comments

It is estimated that 15-million people will try and give up the smoking habit every year, and it makes the resolution lists for millions around the world at the start of every new year. Unfortunately only around 5 per cent of men who try and quit are successful without support, or going cold turkey. Statistics also tell us that the average person needs to try and quit nine or ten times before they manage to do it successfully. There are a number of techniques and therapies available to assist you through the withdrawal phase. Affordable healthcare in Las Vegas can find a long term solution that gives you the support you need.

The range of aids and techniques available for would-be quitters includes medication, NRTs, counseling, quit lines and therapy. Different methods work differently, and smokers are encouraged to experiment with various cessation therapies to find one that works for them. here are some ideas on how to make this New Year’s resolution a lasting one and improve your state of health.

Do the Preparation

It is a good idea to pick a quit date in advance and create your goals leading up to the date. This gives you something to work towards. Investigate your options in terms of what is available to you, and what you can afford. There’s a good chance you may have tried some of them before, so work on your past experiences and try something different this time. If you are really serious about quitting for good, make an appointment with your family doctor about your options.

Get Support

Even though NRTs on their own are not always successful for everyone, you can reinforce your chances of quitting and prepare properly by using one to maximize your chances of success. Ask your doctor to recommend an NRT for support to take the edge of the withdrawal symptoms, at least for the initial period after you quit.

Stay Committed

Monitor your own progress and reward yourself when you reach milestones. Remind yourself of why you quit on a regular basis to stay motivated. Feel good about your healthy change in  lifestyle, and make a list of the benefits to read every day.

Smoking is one half an acquired habit and one half a chemical addiction to nicotine, so many people find a combination of therapies is the best way to help them quit. Las Vegas medical clinics can find a combination that works best for you.