Should PDE5 Inhibitors Be Combined With Testosterone Gels?

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Erectile Dysfunction | 0 comments

According to a new study, led by a doctor at Boston University School of Medicine, testosterone does not boost the effects of Viagra. The study is topical in light of recent professional debate about how  drugs to treat testosterone deficiencies and erectile dysfunction are being marketed and the increasing number of patients who are going to doctors for treatment. If you believe you might be experiencing erectile dysfunction, Las Vegas medical clinics will be able to help you with a treatment solution.

Dr Matthew Spitzer was quoted as saying that testosterone is commonly prescribed for men with low libido, erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. He said that between and third and a quarter of men who have ED also have low testosterone. There isn’t an exact statistic because of the debate over definitions of what “low” testosterone should be measured at, considering how men’s bodies have different levels of sensitivity to the sex hormone.

In this study, the doctors found that Viagra was beneficial for participants who had both low testosterone and ED, but that combining Viagra with testosterone gel did not provide any additional benefits. They studied 140 men between the ages of 40 and 70, who were either given a 50 mg or 100 mg dose of Viagra before sexual intercourse. Three to seven weeks later, half of th4e men were given testosterone gel as well and the other half was randomly given a placebo gel to use.

The men’s score for erectile function improved while they were taking Viagra, and their testosterone concentrations also increased. The men taking testosterone gel also experienced significant increases in their testosterone concentrations, but did not see any difference in their erectile function. There was no notable difference between the two groups of men in terms of orgasm, sexual desire and the frequency with which they had intercourse following treatment with testosterone gel.

Study authors have claimed the results give them insight into accurate treatment of ED, but critics have said that the study does not offer a conclusive point of view on treating patients generally, and that everyone should be considered on an individual basis to determine what kind of treatment would benefit them most. The study did not measure the effects of the testosterone gel without Viagra.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is important to have the underlying cause looked into before starting any form of treatment. Doctors at low cost clinics in Las Vegas can run the necessary tests and offer you a solution that best fits your needs.