Three Lifestyle Diseases That Could Be Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Erectile Dysfunction | 0 comments

In order to have a healthy erection, there are a number of different processes that need to be working correctly. Firstly, your nervous system needs to be able to relay nerve impulses to the penis, brain and spinal column. You need to have healthy arteries, especially in and around your corpora cavernosa, and the smooth muscles and fibrous tissue inside the corpora cavernosa needs to be a in a healthy state. The penis also needs to have enough nitric oxide. If any of these functions are out of balance, erectile dysfunction may occur, and men who have diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease have increased risk of ED. Low cost medical services in Las Vegas can perform the necessary tests to determine what is causing your erectile dysfunction.

Men who have diabetes can expect erectile dysfunction to begin 10 to 15 years earlier than non-diabetic men. The reason is believed to be because diabetic men are more likely to suffer from atherosclerosis from an earlier age. Diabetes also causes damage to autonomic and sensory nerves.

Men who have high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are also more likely to suffer from ED. those who have essential hypertension, that is hypertension without any other medical underlying cause, also tend to have lower levels of nitric oxide and thus more severe atherosclerosis. High blood pressure also increases your chances of cardiovascular disease, which can influence whether you end up with erectile dysfunction.

High prevalence of cardiovascular disease in the United States impacts on healthy blood flow for many men. It can be exacerbated by diabetes and tobacco smoking as well, and men who are obese have even greater risk of erectile dysfunction. In the same way that restricted oxygen to the brain can cause a stroke, insufficient oxygen to the heart can cause a heart attack, inadequate blood flow to the penis can cause erectile dysfunction.

ED does not have to be an inevitability if you suffer from any chronic disease. Looking after your body, losing weight and ensuring you do not develop Type 2 Diabetes can protect you from erectile dysfunction later in life. Not smoking and reducing your alcohol intake can also protect your arteries from atherosclerosis and ensure your blood flow and blood pressure is healthier. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise can also keep your body in good working order. Affordable medical care in Las Vegas can help you with treatment options and help you to lower your risk factors for developing ED.